So cute.


Kentile Floors

Here is a better view of that shirt I was rocking in this post. I bought this tank off a street vendor near Smith street.Brooklyn represent!

This great Kentile Floors sign is forever a Brooklyn landmark, but does not remain a business any longer.  The company closed in 1992 because of asbestos lawsuits.  This sign lives near the Gowanus canal, which brings toxic to a whole new level.  The canal is said to have syphilis among other nasty crap floating around.

No Substance

kind of perfect and pertains to my overall theme.

Tiny Celebration

I never thought of myself as much of an academic.  In high school I would have rather smoked pot and written bad goth poetry than read Jules Verne.  I slipped by the school system by the skin of my teeth.  I immediately went to a for-profit art college upon high school graduation so I could brood on and be deep, despite the fact that I received a full scholarship to a very prestigious institution in the middle of the desert which would have given me my own darkroom in my senior year.


I don’t regret doing poorly in school, not going to a better college, or getting by without studying.  I learned a lot of life lessons early on that are priceless.  Since I was oh so naive and all full of piss and vinegar(as people have often described me) as soon as I graduated college I packed my shit and moved to New York.  I arrived at her door when I was 20 with a suitcase and a camera.  I don’t think I would have done something as risky and ridiculous if I had waited.  Although now, I see that it can be done no matter what situation, and plan to do it again and again in the future.  What I left behind was comfort.  I have always felt that when you are put in a position where you are uncomfortable, you are immediately challenged.  Colorado was easy.  I was only seeking happiness in Colorado, and nothing bothered me much.  Now, I am challenged every time I step out of my tiny, shitty Brooklyn apartment’s door.  This city is constantly testing me, which has hardened me. On the same side of that coin, it makes the victory lap so much more epic when it happens.

Like today.

I am meeting a friend at a favorite coffee shop to study and talk, then up to Harlem to photograph a beautiful British dancer that I met at Shanghai Mermaid(my monthly romp in glamorousness). I’m armed with my Mamiya 67 and a few dozen rolls of film, and brimming with excitement.  On the flipside, it’s hot as eff outside, which I can’t believe the heat is still on since it’s FALL goddammit. I’m trying like hell to not let the heat bother me, but I am not built for this.  I would rather be shivering in an igloo in the middle of the arctic than have to walk a block in New York’s heat.  Humidity is something I have no prior experience with, and definitely abhor.  I have no idea how to dress in this heat, and usually end up looking like a total mess in some ugly cut off jean shorts that are ripping in the ass and chafe me to no end.  I’m not a “summer dress” type of gal, and won’t wear short shorts after an old incident in middle school.  My hair isn’t happy after a day of this, and my bra weighs a ton from all the sweat it’s absorbed. So, trekking all the way up to Harlem with a huge heavy bag of equipment in sweltering heat isn’t my idea of fun, but the reward is unmeasured. And to celebrate that, I wore whatever the hell I felt like despite the heat.

And I feel awesome.

I took this photo this morning on our very sexy new couch.  I have a pretty awesome life when I think about it and break it down, and this post is a tiny celebration.  I am only a week in on my return to academia, and can absolutely say without a doubt that I am the happiest I have been in the last two years.  I’m doing what I want to be doing.  Life does not get more complicated with age.  I am so much more focused and amped about school than I was when I was 18.  I don’t understand why there is so much pressure to go to college right from high school.  I suppose some teens know what they want to study and make of themselves, but I just wanted to take pretty pictures at that age.  I am studying Art Theory, a subject that I didn’t even know existed until I came to the city.  I am so sublimely excited to study a subject that I am continuously perplexed by, and can’t wait to extend my knowledge to a point of continuous study where I can’t help but delve deeper with everything I regard.  Oh! What bliss!  If I would have done better in school from the start, would I have found this path? Perhaps.  But do I regret anything? Would you?  A much better trade than a private darkroom, wouldn’t you say?


Brooklyn Craft Recycled Bag

This sweet recycled bag was made from a Land Rover banner by Tamara Stoddard at BrooklynCraft. Click that link to be dazzled by skeleton sock monkeys and reusable folding hanky sandwich wraps.

I’m excited to have this recycled new tote bag for school. I love the feature of the inside pocket, perfect size for an iPhone. Tamara is amazingly talented, thanks girl!

To love a Yeti

I love all types of cryptids. Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Abonitable Snowman, Chupacabra, and the fun to say, Batsquatch, to name a few.

I love all  man monsters. Probably why I have had so many estranged boyfriends.

The darling cryptid is often mocked.

I think that I have a heart for these creatures who’s existence is unresolved because it’s all very romantic. It’s like finding the perfect one. We are constantly searching, and really, I don’t think anyone ever finds their one. I don’t believe in romantic love, at least at this moment, but I do believe that my love for the idea of a Yeti is unwavering. Get it?

Besides the obvious aloof nature of these beasts and overall mysteriousness, I believe I know the origin to my obsession. I had a reoccuring dream when I was a child. It involved my Aunt’s basement, which turned into a swamp at night. I had seen wanted posters for Swamp Thing in a comic book style around town, and had heard he was very dangerous. I crept downstairs at night, scared as all hell but curious as ever. I found the Swamp Thing hiding behind a large wooden post. As he revealed himself to me, just a curious girl, I turned into a woman. Just like that. All he had to do was look at me, and at that instance I knew I was loved. My memory is foggy, but now I reflect on this intense dream as my first sexual fantasy.  (Hi Mom!)  Because of course, when The Swamp Thing stared into my eyes for that very first time, the type of woman I became was a Jessica Rabbit bombshell. So that’s it, the first time I felt wanted and adored as a woman by a man, and the first time I was seen as a woman by a man. Swamp Thing turned out to be a harmless man monster just wanting to be loved. Which is pretty much true of every man I’ve known

He’s beautiful, isn’t he?  All covered in roses…swoon.

I love the cryptid so much, it would only make sense to have a tattoo commemorating this love.  Talk about the worst idea ever.  So, instead of having more bad tattoos, I have commissioned an artist to produce a vintage style representation of a bodacious mountaineering broad, and a fierce Yeti lurking in the shadows.  Deco Alps posters have inspired me on this one, and will DEFINITELY post the image when it is done.

I recognize this is not a deco style  Alps poster, but you get the idea…

I do love them all, but the Yeti is by far my favorite.

The last two images were found by typing in Yeti into the Handmade search on Etsy.  Every so often I like to search random things to see what people have made.  Kinda amazing.

And lastly, The Yeti Crab.

Don’t listen to him, he’s just a little crabby.