If beautiful things were the only to exist, you or I would not be here to enjoy them.

“Those who have the luxury of setting traps understand the lesson of waiting.  But never get so bored that the trap you set for the object of your desire becomes a trap set for yourself.”

-The Lake & Stars



Inspired by Japanese Butoh for the fall collection.  Stunning.

when our skeletons touch

Art Crush: Roman Signer

I found this Swiss artist through one of my favorite art blogs: todayandtomorrow

Here is one of my favorite videos:

Roman creates “action sculptures” that are experiments that involve set up and execution.  There are many others, this one is just an easy access. I love his sense of humor – perfect balance of awe and hilarity.  Who wouldn’t love that in a man?

If you are reading this Mister Signer, I would like to take you out for dumplings.  Perhaps I’ll call you a dumpling, too.

Scandinavian Homes – and suddenly, my heart feels heavy.

It is no secret that I hope to live in Scandinavia.  I hope to live there soon for school, but perhaps will end up retiring there.  Or just by looking at these photos I will perish from perfection.

They have a different way of doing things; they aren’t scared of dead animals or using black paint.

I am so in love.

They do so many things right, this is merely a fingernail clipping of the brilliance.

Obviously, this is not one single home.  These images are all credited from their original source – just roll the cursor over the image and the web address will show itself.  All images were second-hand stolen and reblogged from http://scandinavianretreat.blogspot.com/ :my newest blogcrush.

If not, winter. Finally.


Photo of the Day: Empire